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Wonderful Indonesia

World Heritage in Indonesia

Have you ever been to Indonesia before? then I'd like to introduce you about the famous region in Java Island, it's called "Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta aka. DIY or Jogja"

It takes around 8 hours using the interlocal train in Indonesia if you come from Jakarta and It takes 45 minutes~1 hour using an airplane, well as you know that Indonesia has many kinds of temples so first of all you can find World Heritage here... yeah it's Borobudur Temple but it's kinda hard to get to the place because it's still around the jungle, it takes 1 hour 30 minutes from Tugu Jogja using a private car, Borobudur location is in Magelang city it's near to Jogja. Back then Borobudur Temple was covered by big trees so local residents thought it was a jungle. 

Temple view


Right after you get in the place you should buy a ticket to enter the temple, for domestic ticket is 40.000 Rupiahs ( USD 2.71) each ticket and International ticket is 350.000 Rupiahs ( USD 23.72 ) if you're lucky you can see the cultural celebration about Javanese Culture so make sure to check on the date before going. You can also see beautiful reliefs on the temple wall not only that if you reach the top of the temple you will see a wonderful view up there so don't think twice to visit Borobudur Temple, you will not regret it.  


Taman Sari Keraton

Move forward from World Heritage, there're so many old palaces in Jogja as you know the one of the palace is Taman Sari known as "The Fragrant Garden" earlier. You can get there easily by Delman or Becak motor traditional transportation in Central Java, what a good thing is you can bargain the price of the traditional transportation in Jogja.

The pool inside the palace


The ticket price is quite cheap only 5.000 Rupiahs ( USD 0.34) for domestic and 12.000 Rupiahs (USD 0.81) for International you can enter the palace and see how the old palace inside, not only The Water Castle but also you can visit the secret Underground of the Castle but before you get into the location you need to walk through the cavern, at the end of the cave hallway you will see a magnificent view of stairs there.

Beaches in DIY


So after the road tour, don't forget to stop by the beach, Indonesia is familiar with many beautiful beaches you can see the sunrise and sunset as you want for example there's an extreme beach in the South of Jogja "Timang beach", you can challenge your adrenaline walking cross the bridge from cliff to the Bukit Karang. For each ticket is 10.000 Rupiahs (USD 0.68) only to enter the beach but if you want to try the extreme Gondola you can pay 200.000 Rupiahs (USD 13.53) to feel thrilled of tension above the sea.

Pantai Timang
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Next is Parangtritis beach, it's the most famous beach in Jogja because it has a mystical story or usually people call it Urban Legend regardless of it you can enjoy the view and swim there but be careful of the billow, For each ticket is 10.000 Rupiahs ( USD 0.68) if you come using a private car it's already including it, isn't it sooo cheap?? you can buy a handmade key chain and clothes cheaply there! what a nice and good budget for backpacker 

Last but no least Teras Kaca Beach also known as Nguluran Beach is also located in the south of Jogja, what a unique is that the beach has teras kaca ( glass terrace ), each ticket to enter this beach is around 10.000 Rupiahs~30.000 Rupiahs ( USD 0.68 ~ USD 2.03 )

For beach lovers, don't you think it's a nice price to see a beautiful view above the sea so.. what do you waiting for

teras kaca
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Malioboro Market

Don't you think it won't be complete if you're not visiting the market? Yeahh before going back home you should drop in the big market in Jogja. Malioboro is a popular big market in Jogja Region, you can buy handmade Javanese clothes, Batik, Sandal, Javanese antique furniture. Of course you can bargain the price not only that you can find Javanese street food along the edge of the road.

The good thing is it'll be very crowded at night, you'll see Javanese traditional music and dance there at night, isn't it interesting to enjoy the night while watching street musician

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People are friendly,  if you're lost you can ask them easily so don't hesitate to visit the Special Region of Yogyakarta ^^






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